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P1-43090, P1-43110, 90kw/380V 110KW/380V
P1-43090, P1-43110, 90kw/380V 110KW/380V

P1 series inverter is an energy saver specially designed for fluid transporation and pressure control equipment such as fan,water pump,air compressor,etc.It adopts advanced control philosophy,controls output frequency of inverter through PID operation,and regulates the rotating speed of water pump or compressor.It fundamentally eliminates the ubiquitous power waste phenomenon of "big horse pulls a small carriage"caused by type selection or load change,it eliminates the throttle resistance of baffle,let the fan and water pump always keep optimum working state,and save much electric energy.

Technical characteristics

1.perfect matching for fan and water pump,it is able to control 7(6+1)sets of pump at most

2.circulated soft starting function,internal intergrated clock chip,convenient for timing control

3.It is able to set six pressure segments everyday,adapting to change of actual water supply starts by turns when it is necessary,which sharply reduces the energy consumption and noise

5.Liquid level check and control of suction sump,preventing secondary pollution of water source.

6.Over and under-pressuer protection for pipeline network,it is able to finish record of fault water pump and switching of standby water pump.

7.It is equipped with RS485 serial communication interface,adopts standard Modbus communication protocol.






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